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International Air Shipments

EUROPOST offers a whole spectrum of services for deliveries by air to and from practically any location worldwide. Our tariffs are calculated based on the most favorable rates of domestic and international air carriers and requirements to terms of delivery. Sender can use any of our convenient and cost-effective plans.

«Airport (Warehouse)-Airport(Warehouse) plan»:
economy transportation service by air from the airport of origin to the airport of destination: sender only delivering the cargo to the airport of origin and taking care of customs formalities.
«Sender-Airport(Warehouse) plan»:
comprises the whole range of transportation services in the country of origin including packing, delivery to airport, loading/unloading, customs clearance, border and warehouse formalities and air transportation to the place of destination. This plan is convenient in case if the receiver takes care of document formalities for importing the cargo.
«Door-to-door plan»:
convenient, modern cargo delivery service to reduce costs, risks and to raise the quality of transportation.
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